JOJO-leave(get out)

16. srpna 2006 v 16:25 | Klárka |  Textíky
I've been waitting all day for ya babe So want cha come and sit and talk to me Tell me how we are gonna be together always Hope you know when its late at night I hold on to my pillow tight (I never thought that any one) Could make me feel this way Now that your here all I want Is just a chance to say
CHORUS Get Out (Leave)Right now, It's the end of you and me Its too late (now) and I cant wait For you to be gone Cuz I know about her and I wonder (why) how I brought all the lies You said that you would treat me right But you were just a waste of time
Tell why your looking so confused When Im the one who didnt know that truth How could you ever be so cold To go behind my back and call my friend Boy you must have gone and bumped your head Because you left her number on your phone (So now that through all that is said and done) Maybe Im the one to blame (to think that you could be the one) Well it didnt work out that way
I wanted you right here with me But I have no choice youve got to leave Because my heart is breakin With every word Im sayin I gave up on everything I had On something that just wouldnt last But I refuse to cry No tears will fall from these eyes eyes eyes

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